This week our special guest interview is with Dan Parks. Dan Parks like Dale Calvert has always seen network marketing like a micro franchise, which means a team must be systemized if they expect to duplicate.

He realized that the way most people approach network marketing today, duplication would be an impossibility and really didn’t seem to be the focus of people with leadership titles in various companies.

That is how he found Mr. Calvert and the MLM Success podcast. Dale says, a few years ago, I noticed every time I posted something on my business Facebook page on Facebook, at that I considered to be deep, a brain tweak if you will that some guy named Dan Parks would give it a thumbs up or make an intelligent comment.

All of you understand how rare intelligent comments are made on social media, especially on Facebook, so that got his attention.

When we decided to help APLGO launch in the USA and started the North America Launch team, Dan joined us and was a founding member. The only time we have ever met in person was at the kickoff event in Las Vegas for that company.

Since our first meeting, we have talked maybe 4 or 5 times on the phone. You guys that are with us every week know that Dan doesn’t miss a live team zoom. He doesn’t say a lot but when he does, he always adds value. Like many of you, he just puts his head down and does the work.


He has been listed on the IHub Global leader boards a couple of times during the Beta Launch. I got to know Dan Parks a little better during this interview and I believe you will get value from this session.


When I say Dan is a business executive, I mean it. Dan Parks lives in Franklin, TN, and serves as an equity owner of the company that is consulting/working with the leadership of the company. 

Dan Parks has a formal education in Micro-Electronics engineering and an International MBA. He served in the military with the 10th Special Forces unit and also the 163rd Armed Cavalry National Guard unit as a Helicopter Pilot, Dan is a licensed Pilot of Planes, Helicopters, and Hot Air Balloons.

Dan has 35 years of organizational leadership from CIO, COO, and CEO of companies with 5 to 5,000 employees. Dan has grown revenue to $500,000 and driven 500% revenue growth year after year.

He has 19 years of Network Marketing experience that opened his eyes to a world that he had so many misconceptions about.

Dan learned from his father that you can’t lead unless you have been led, you can’t show how to work unless you have done the work. A few facts about Dan,1992 was in Sports Illustrated, has been to Antarctica, lives outside the box, and has a passion for cooking.


If you live in Tennessee or are business executive who would like to learn more about the IHub Meta Program you can find Dan on Facebook here: