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The Kamala Robinson Story

I am very excited for all of you to have the opportunity to meet Kamala Robinson from Michigan. We are in a new era of income generation and the opportunity for wealth creation that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago. It wasn’t even possible. But because of smart contracts on the block chain, crypto, and decentralized finance an entire new category is emerging. Kamala along with many of our team members are in the market place, proving this new Era does exist, every day. 

A lot of people will see Kamala where she is today, currently #4 on the top 25 producers in the Ihub Meta, Beta program in the United States. But some of us remember her when she started and have witnessed the last 5 years of her entrepreneurial journey first hand. I did some research today. I met Kamala about 4 or 5 years ago at an event that was held here in Atlanta.

Honestly, the only thing I really remember about that first meeting was she had been or was with a company called IT WORKS, & told me that somebody had recommended that she get plugged into our systems and training for network marketer’s Kamala signed up for our Newsletter at in June of 2017 ( ) She became a MLM Training Club Member 3 months later in Sept of 2017 ( ) and in December of that year when we opened up the Programming Your Mind for Success Advanced Course she became a member of that. ( ) She is a member of CMG Book Club and helps Shellie Giddings our with that. ( )

Since we first met, she has been a part of everything we’ve done and been on every open training webinar we have conducted, and has been a dedicated, focused student. I can honestly say that the Kamala Robinson many of you know and love today is not remotely close to the same person, I met 5 years ago back in 2017. Her personal growth and transformation is proof of what can happen when you dedicated yourself to avoid the self proclaimed gurus fluff and fu fu dust and make wisdom of the ages success principal mindsets part of who you are as a human being.

Many of us have watched her break out during the beta stage of the Ihub Meta program as of 7:47 this morning she has enrolled 28 businesses into the program who have a total of 78 TV screens, so that is 78 players that have been or will be hooked up on business owners TV’s. That equates to a $7,800 in monthly passive income for herself that she has created her first 2 months and I believe she will tell you she is just getting started.