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The truth is the IHub Global ERC program through our association with Bottom Line Concepts was the best income generator I have seen in my entrepreneurial career, but what has been recently introduced has more potential, much more potential. 


In fact it is my personal belief that we will have more millionaires created on our team in 2024, some of which haven’t even joined us yet.

I cannot stress enough, THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, and in fact I personally don’t care if I don’t add another member to our team, I really don’t.

So if you feel the purpose of this session is to pitch you and recruit you, you would be mistaken.

The truth is I am doing this session for two reasons. 


#1 Is just to make you aware that an opportunity with this type of multiple six-figure, first year potential exists. 

#2 Is to eliminate everyone who will not be a good fit for this program and try to point them in another direction that makes more sense for them. 

So with that said, if this session speaks to you, and you are the type of person we are looking for, do your due diligence now, or we both lose! 

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