If you have not heard Dale’s podcast session #285 titled. You can make $$$ or you can make Excuses, but YOU CAN’T MAKE THEM BOTH, we highly suggest you listen to that session first, it should help you meld the points together.

As promised in last week’s session this week we will give you access to a private webinar Dale held a couple of weeks ago with his Ihub Global team.

Mr. Calvert will tell you that the number one goal he has always had when building teams is that when people leave, they are more self-aware, skilled, and confident marketers than when they join his team.

For this to happen Dale has always been authentic, 100% truthful, and known as a leader who is willing to tell people what they need to hear, but may not always want to hear. Honestly many in the profession don’t like him speaking the truth and would rather him participate in keeping the masses blind. If you know Dale, you know that is not his style and nobody has ever accused him of being politically correct or worrying about what he calls the network marketing good ole boy network.

This session is a rubber hits the road honest message to people on his team that needed to fire themselves, re-focus, and start again smarter with new information.

In this session, Dale shares that on 3 separate occasions during his entrepreneurial journey he had to consciously, emotionally, and mentally fire himself, then re-hire himself with a different work ethic and different level of expectation.

Sometimes the facts are different ….. where an opportunity is today vs. where they were when you started. This is certainly the case with Ihub Global, many of the unknowns have been removed as hotspots are now being shipped around the country, and soon the world.

We feel strongly that many of our weekly podcast listeners need to hear and understand this concept of firing yourself & rehiring yourself. We hope making this private session open to our listeners will provide value for those that need to hear it.

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