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“From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story”

Humble Beginnings Cedric the youngest of eight children was born to hard working parents in rural Pennsylvania, who instilled deep rooted core values in each of their children. Despite Cedric s parents insistence on higher education, the likelihood of Cedric becoming a third generation coal mine or steel mill worker was a strong possibility. However, the young Cedric fostered a dream, will and determination to live a different life than that which awaited him after completing his high school years. In the Midst of Change Ironically because of his unique athletic ability, Cedric s assumed fate began to change, with the Milwaukee Brewers offering him a contract, for which he declined, prior to graduating from high school, opting instead to receive full scholarships in both baseball and football to various universities around the country. Ultimately, Cedric chose Purdue University but later transferred to Western Kentucky where he played as an All-American, graduated and anticipated being a NFL draft pick. But, adversity called Cedric s name and he found himself in disarray, living in his car and in housing projects while relying on transitional assistance for food. Although his situation seemed dismal, Cedric refused to adopt a defeatist attitude and began to fight for the life that he wanted to live. The Journey to Success From Broke, Busted and Disgusted To A Million Dollars A Year- The Cedric Penn Story candidly takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of starting a business and selling it to a major wireless company, to the pitfalls of losing it all during the aftermath of 9/11, followed by a tragic accident, spiritual epiphany, and the triumphant spirit of a man who refuse to let circumstance dictate his outcome in business and in life. There will be people

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