Today, there is no doubt that network marketing is the most misunderstood business model on the planet not by the general public but by DISTRIBUTORS AND IBO’S ACTUALLY INVOLVED WITH NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES.

In this short session and over the next few weeks, I hope to help distributors get a clearer perspective on the true, life-altering wealth-generating power of network marketing when the 4 Stars Line up.

If you have the right company with a category-creating product and the right team, and the RIGHT TIME in History you can create career income and even legacy wealth. If those stars don’t line up you are destined for the MLM Hamster Wheel as we take about in session 235 of this podcast.

Websites Mentioned in this Session

The 4 Stars

The MLM Hamster Wheel

The #1 Opportunity in Network Marketing at this Time and Place in History