“In the beginning you can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.” – Jim Rohn.  The bottom line when it comes to success is network marketing is simply numbers.  It always has been and IT ALWAYS WILL BE. Your goal on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is expose as many people to the FULL STORY as you can. How you do this varies from company to company. Most companies have a weekly event that you work towards. Today these are usually in the form of weekly opportunity webinars or conference calls. At the time this training was recorded most teams were built around weekly live opportunity meetings, thus the title “Fannies in Chairs”. However the concept of weekly exposures will never change. The reality is, there are X number of people you are going to have to expose to your product(s) and opportunity before you will achieve your current goal. The formula we have taught for years is X number of exposures = goal fulfilled. I don’t know what your number is, you don’t know, but we both know YOU HAVE A NUMBER! It is our goal that this week’s sessions will drive the point home at a level you may have never really thought about.