Jim Rohn said the secret to success is being able to figure out how to combine thankfulness with ambition.

Today we seem to be surrounded by people that are in a state of Entitlement, Lack of Focus & Self Delusion.

Meanwhile, I work with a group of entrepreneurs that are determined to end this year with a bang and make the next the best year they have ever had in their life financially.


For me, the exciting thing is this entire journey has been pretty well documented over the years through this podcast.


The truth is a new era of wealth generation is here because of the blockchain, crypto, and decentralized finance that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago, and 99% are not aware that the new era is here, yet.


Over the last few months on this podcast, you have heard success stories and insights from Kamala Robinson, Mike Culver, Allen Knight, Dan Parks, Dan Vesperman, Flavio, Joe Richard, and Dave Buchanan. Bobby Gandy, Dan Brunning, and others. Honestly, we have an entire team of people whose story needs to be told and will be in the future. They are far enough down the road and far away enough from the whirlpool that they have started to develop a new mindset, confidence, and programmed perceptions about their upside potential and what their life can be and the impact their story will have on others.

The truth is you can move forward and progress and make profits, or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both!

You have to have to be true to yourself and say, others are doing it, it is time to draw the line in the sand as you heard from Dan Vespermine last week. I can give you the path and the road, but you have to draw the line in the sand yourself!


The secret is, once you find that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and start making obnoxious money, how do you stay focused and motivated, without feeling guilty?

I believe Mr. Rohn shared with us years ago that the secret is to learn how to combine Thankfulness with Ambition, and I hope this session helps you do just that.

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